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    Our Top 5 Grooming Essentials for Men

    This one is well over due! With the current easing of the lock down in the UK, most of our gentlemen have wasted no time in making that all important call to the barber to get their grooming on. So, to help all you fellas out there we have come up with a list of our top 5 grooming essentials for you.  

    1. Peek-a-boo Nose hairs 

    This one is top on our list of grooming essentials, why? Because this will get you all the attention you don’t want. There are some grooming tips you may overlook, maybe an unruly beard for a week or two, uncombed hair – some even like that dishevelled look! But, soon as that unsightly, dreaded dangler starts peeking out, it’s game over. Nose hair trimmers are a must and as far as we’re concerned, the King of all grooming accessories?  

    2. Make a statement without making a sound 

    Choose a signature scent that will make it known you’re in the room. The perfect blend or one classic, will make heads turn. Your aim is not to knock out passers-by, so remember the golden rule: less is more! Invest in one or two colognes and make that your signature scent. Try to choose something that is neutral, classic and fits the season. Not sure where to start? Then checkout The Men’s Essential Guide to Cologne – The GentleManual. Happy shopping! 

    3. Find your perfect Barber 

    Find a barber that you click with and once that’s done? Stick with them, this will be one of the most important relationships that you, as a well-groomed man, will have. Keep that beard nice and trimmed, get the hair done just right and while you’re there, you might as well get a skin care treatment to keep that skin moisturized and glowing. And last but most definitely not least, don’t forget to tend to the nails. Keep them looking short and neat, they may not be noticed when kept neat, but they will get you noticed if you’re out here looking like Edward scissor hands with hoofs! 

    4. Cleanse and Moisturise daily 

     Yes, that’s right, daily! Your once a week visit to the barber is not enough if you want to achieve Pharell like skin. Remember ‘ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results’, so says seasoned entrepreneur Keith Cunningham, so don’t let that skin dry out because you have an appointment with your barber in two weeks. Every day, your skin is exposed to harsh elements, sun or wind for example, so make sure to moisturise daily, to reduce dryness and sun damage. And please don’t forget sunscreen. 

    5. Get to know your hair care products 

    Because one size does not fit all when it comes to hair care. This can simply be done by asking your barber for some good Ol’ advice! But always keep in mind to read what the hair products says it does and for what type of hair. Usually what it says on the bottle is what it does, so some reading will get you on the right path to finding just the right product for you! 

    So go on to the men’s section of our website to browse our variety of products most suitable for your grooming needs and ensure you order as many products as possible because just like women who can’t have too much jewellery, you can never have too many grooming products. 

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