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    Starter pack: Hair tools

    Have you just started to take care of your hair? Are you lost in the variety of hair tools out there and don’t know which ones to choose fromAglory has got you covered. 

    If you’ve never taken care of your natural hair, we have a few tips to help you choose the best hair tools. 

    1. Durag

    There is the common belief that durags are only for men, when in fact, women can use them too. They are used to protect your hairdoDurags will improve your hair texture and keep it moisturized during the day and the night. 

    Here’s how to tie your durag according to A$AP Ferg: 

    Step 1: Turn the durag inside out so that the middle seam protrudes out of the durag. You don’t want to have the weird imprint of the seam in your hair. 

    Step 2: Put the durag on your head like a cap with the flap hanging down your neck, flat, and the front positioned nicely just above your eyebrows. 

    Step 3: Take a string in each hand and tie them together at the back of your head, tight enough that it won’t fall off. Be careful not to overtighten it to avoid a headache. 

    Step 4: Hold a string in each hand and cross them over your forehead so that they come to the back of your head on the other side. Ensure that they lie flat. 

    Step 5: Tie a knot with the strings at the back of your head. Straighten the fabric so that it is tight. 

    And you’re done! 

    Durags are in vogue at the momentso what are you waiting for to join the trend? 

    2. Braids cap

    Even with braids or dreadlocks, both your hair and your scalp can become dry. So, you’ll do your hair a world of good if you keep it moisturised. Dry hair is susceptible to breakage, and breakage is a major threat to your hairline and the overall health of your hair. If your hair is damaged, read our article on how to repair damaged or dry hair, our tips will do wonders for your hair. 

    A braids cap is unisex. They are long and perfect for holding dreadlocks and braids together all day and all night, so you’ll keep your style much longer. The satin lining makes it wonderfully soft and ideal for your hair. You will have less tangles and blemishes on your skin. Plus, satin doesn’t absorb too much moisture. So, your hair stays well moisturised. 

    3. Hairbrush

    A hairbrush is essential when you wear your natural hair for hair health and shine. You can use it for styling and detangling. The use of the appropriate hairbrush for your hair and styling preferences can make a difference to the health and appearance of your hair. The right brush for someone with long, curly hair will be radically different from the best brush for thin or frizzy hair. 

    The essential brushes to start your hair journey are: 

    Hair detangler: can be used on both wet and dry hair, good for all hair types. 

    Thermal brush: gives a perfect finish to your hairstyles. It is often used by professional hairdressers with a hair dryer to style the hair. 

    Paddle brush: perfect for people with long, straight hair. 

    4. Afro comb

    Cultural icon you’ve probably seen it used as a hair accessory on many afros… The Afro comb is best for creating attractive afro hairstyles for both men and women of African descent. It is a wide comb or pick with large, wide teeth that can get into afro-textured hair, lift it up and out of the head without damaging the curls. 

    5. Hair and bobby pins

    Hair pins are used to hold together sections of hair and hairstyles. They were originally intended to be invisible, but have been decorated and coloured for more creative hairstyles. You can use hairpins to hold your hair in place throughout the day or while you practicing a physical activity like exercising, for example. You can also use them for up-dos, chignons, and other hairstyles where a sleek look is desired. 


    All the products mentioned can be found on our online store, so do not hesitate to put them in your basket. 

    Share your hair journey with us and share the tips you’ve learned along the way in the comment section. What hair tools did you use when you first started? We’d love to hear from you. Remember, sharing is caring, we all have to start somewhere, why not here? 


    Check out our full line of accessories here!

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