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    Tips to Help You Develop your 4C Hair Care Routine

    Creating a hair care routine can be a headache for many, especially for the 4C hair type. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you on your journey.

    Taking care of your hair and allowing it to grow depends on your individual texture and needs. Whether your hair type is 1a or 4C, you’ll need to have a routine that suits the texture of your hair best.

    What is 4C Hair?

    The first step to create the best hair care routine is to identify your hair texture.

    4c hair has the tightest curl shape of all curly hair types. The strands are formed of tight, elastic curls. 4c hair tends to clump together more at the ends and is even more prone to shrinkage than 4b hair, it can shrink up to 75% of its length!

    4C hair is incredibly flexible. You can juggle a tight, narrowed afro for a shorter chic look or stretch it for a longer, voluminous look. So, you can do all the hairstyles you want with ease. They’re super textured and stay in place. You can really mold and shape your hair into any style, without worrying about it falling flat all day long.

    Hair is prone to dryness, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have soft, silky hair. Just adopt healthy habits, and your hair will be soft, moisturized, and fluffy!

    Why is it important to have a hair care routine for 4C hair?

    It is extremely important to have a good care routine for your 4C hair for several reasons:

    • 4C hair dries out quickly, or has a harder time maintaining moisture than other types of curls.
    • Hair is likely to become tangled if it is not properly cared for.
    • Hair is fragile and susceptible to breakage.

    What to do to revive and define your 4C hair pattern.

    1. Find a good moisturizer and a good sealant

    Moisturizing is essential to maintain 4C hair and keep them healthy. You should use products based with coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil are great for effectively sealing moisture into your hair. If you have a protective hairstyle, you shouldn’t neglect moisturizing on a regular basis. These products are perfect for that.

    • Ogx beauty pure and simple – Coconut Curls
    • ORS – Olive Oil Professional
    • Blue Magic Original – Shea Butter Hair 

    2. Choose the right shampoo

    You need to regularly shampoo your hair to keep your hair and scalp clean, allow it to breath and allow growth.

    • Jojoba & Shea Butter – Revitalizing Shampoo 
    • Mane’ n Tail – Herbal Gro Shampoo Strengthens & Nourishes Reduces & Breakage
    • Fantasia IC – Moisturizing Shampoo


    3. Detangle your hair

    You should detangle your hair regularly while damp. If you don’t, your hair will get tangled which can cause breakage and hinder growth.

    • Fine line uk – Detangling brush
    • Stella Collection – Detangling Styling Comb

    4. Finally, deep condition your hair

    Weekly deep condition your hair while using these products. It will keep your 4C hair moisturize, promote growth, keep them healthy and shiny.

    • Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils – Coconut Crème Deep Conditioner
    • Green Apple & AleoNutrition Apple Cider Deep Conditioner
    • Hollywood Beauty – Argan Leave-In Conditioner
    • Jojoba & Shea Butter – Revitalizing Conditioner

    But most importantly….


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